Need Info about Plantar Fibromatosis

I have bilateral Plantar Fibromatosis.
I have heard about stretching exercises and massage techniques that are helping some people with the disease.
Do you know of any websites, books, journals, or articles where I could learn about these techniques and information about P.F. in general?
I am willing to read medical books (as long as I have a medical dictionary next to me).
I desparately need to educate myself on this disease because I have not yet found a doctor with a significant amount of knowledge on this disease.
Also, if you know of anyone who does have a significant amount of experience dealing with this, please let me know.
I am willing to travel anywhere in the US!

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

    9 10

    If you will type Plantar fibromatosis in the Google search engine, there are numerous references available.
    Generally, if the nodules are not painful, the I usually recommend leaving them alone. If there is pain and surgery is needed, then the patient must understand that there is a chance the problem will reoccur and require more radical surgery.
    Hope this helps.


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