Numerous ankle sprains

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hi everyone…the past four years of my life i spent playing high school soccer. during that time i endured numerous ankle sprain, which each time my trainer and i worked together to get me back on the field playing. now i’m in college and not playing anything but intramurals because my ankle is just too loose. but the problem is that now just walking across campus, i easily sprain my ankle. in the first 3 1/2 months i’ve been here, i’ve easily sprained my ankle 3-4 times, with the last sprain taking 2-3 weeks to heal w/o any kind of sports activity. i saw my orthopedic and he wants to do a reconstruction in the spring, but i need a quicker resolution to this problem since i still have to go to class. does anyone have any ideas? also, how long should i allow for recovery? i know that my anterior talofibular ligament is extremely stretched, and the other two ligaments on the outside are also loose. thanks for any information.

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    thanks.. the doctor has me wearing an aircast whenever i leave my dorm, but that gets annoying, and since there is swelling and an unrelated bruise, it really irritates everything. after wearing the aircast for just a couple of hrs there are significant signs of swelling around the velcro straps. anyway, the ankle is still sore, but i don’t know if i wanna go through with surgery. i had one ligament reconstructed in my other ankle and that wasn’t fun, so i have doubts about this surgery, but i know i should do it. if anyone has any information about the recovery and things like that, please let me know.
    thanks a lot.


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    hi jessie04 i am currently in the same situation as you. although i am not in college i still sprain my ankle while walking and am active in soccer. I would recomend that you ALWAYS wear a brace while walking across campus. I am not allowed to step onto a field or court w/out haveing a brace on my ankle. I was considering surgery last August but oppted against it in order to play this season…and sure enough…it was sprained again. So now i am reconsidering. anyways my advice is to wear a brace untill the surgery and i think that will help. I hope any of this help you!


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