Osgood-Schlatter’s disease

Is it possible for someone in their 50’s to develope this problem.
If not I would like to find information re: muscles around the popliteal causing pain from the back of the knee to the right front below the knee cap, going down along the leg and across the foot to the baby toe.
If he rests, the pain goes away.
When he works (standing all day) the pain increases.Thanks,Nancy

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    I am 30yo male in the active military. I have been active in sports all of my life. and was diagnosed with osgood-schatter’s disease at about the age of 13. I just recently had surgery for a compartment release of my lower left leg. I had the surgery three weeks age and still have a loss of sensation on the top of my foot. I have been diagnosed with exertional compartment syndrome in both legs. what is my prognosis of recovery. and will i be able to continue on active duty.


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