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I am 43 and I noticed 2 weeks ago after walking 2 miles (fast paced) that I had a pain behind my right knee. Over the past week the pain did start to subside but because I am stubborn I began walking again and the pain came back. I did have knee surgery on my left knee but that was 22 years ago. I do not have any swelling, redness and my leg is not warm to touch which makes me feel confident that it is not a blood clot but I have decided to take a 81mg baby aspirin daily just to be safe. Unfortunately I am between jobs and my new health insurance will not start until July so I am hoping to figure out what is wrong on my own. Would simple warmups have helped prevent this pain??? Thank you

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    Dear Allison,
    Thank you for posting here your e-mail.Based on your statement, it seems that you strain your hamstrings moderately. Better apply an ice on that painful area for 15 minutes before and after bedtime. Strengthen your hip musculature because research proves that the primary cause of athletes to have hamstring strains is due to weak hip musculatures. Respect pain above all and do not do activities that can trigger or aggravate the symptoms you feel. Keep me in touch always!!


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