Pain in left tricep and shoulder when move arm

I have ad a problem in my left arm now for about a year.
I started noticing it when I worked out and shoulder presses, that my left arm would start getting an intense pain, always in the same spot.As time went on, the ache in my arm has increased. Now if I rotate my arm, it hurts in my shoulder and tricep.
If I lean on it, or am in certain positions its uncomfortable.
I also feel like its weaker in every day tasks.With something like this, would I see someone in orthopedics or my regular doctor?

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    i have an achy pain in my arm most of the time if I press my shoulder it hurts I am really worried about this and have seen my doctor as I think I am having a heart attack. he said I have no problems there I have good blood pressure and he listened to my heart. could you please give me some advice as this really scares me it sometimes feels really heavy and if I get workeded up it becomes much worse.


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