pain on exterior of both feet

Just yesterday morning, the exterior (outside) portion of BOTH of my feet(right above the arch)began to hurt. When I’m sitting or lying down, it’s fine, but when I stand or walk, it’s excruciating. The pain started very dull, just a bit of an annoyance, but progressively throughout the day it worsened. By the end of the day yesterday it was almost unbearable.
I’ve been sick lately, and haven’t been consuming as much water as I should. I’m wondering if it may be a reaction to some of the medicine I’ve been taking, or a lack of fluids. I just think it’s too ironic that both of my feet began to hurt in the same spot, at the same time, on the same day. All I know is it hurts badly, and I haven’t been able to self-diagnose myself from anywhere on the internet. Please help……

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I don’t know that I can help you without an examination and thorough history. You hit on a very valid point- one can not easily diagnose medical problems over the internet as people often think they are giving enough information for a diagnosis, but it is not so simple as you would think. Many times subtle and unspoken factors lend more information than what the patient says. Often the doctor will then direct a line of questioning to arrive at a conclusion. It is nearly impossible to diagnose people from what little they say. I recommend you see a doctor.


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