Painless hip injury?

I am an otherwise healthy 32y.o. male, I work out gently three times a week, and I’ve worked on my feet for the last fifteen years with no problems ’til now.
In the last week, whenever I raise my right leg (walking, running, climbing stairs, etc.) a large mound juts out from the side of my right hip, and I can feel the joint moving from point A to point B, as opposed to tracking smoothly through the motion.
The exact spot is right where my leg bends.
I have not injured myself so far as I know, but clearly something is going on.
The weird thing is that there is NO PAIN, and I have no difficulty putting weight on my leg.
So… What’s going on here?

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    May PT

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    Let me tell you that a large mound jutting out the side of your hip is NOT normal…maybe a growth? Get to your doc, please.


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