Pinky Toe- hairline fracture/tendon/ Ligments

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Hi there Doctor. I am 27 years old, & accidentally banged my foot against the wall HARD. The pinky toe became all black the next day. I iced it, and taped it. Top of foot (by the toe)was black & blue for the 1st week. The following week I got 4 x-rays. The podiatrist, said “may be” hairline fracture, but pain and swelling probaly from “ripped liamnets and tendons.” Nice help he was! He didn’t even tape it up for me! What can I do? Please help. IT HURTS!!! I can barley walk on it!! Please help. Thank you.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    First, I am sorry your treatment was not satisfactory. I generally will tape the toes with a small foam pad in between. Sometimes A surgical shoe or sandal is necessary. Youe should keep this taped for at least 6 weeks so the tissues can heal.


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    I went to hiking and apran my ankle. After three days, I went to see the doctor. He took X-ray an told me there is a hairline fracture at my ankle. I have been using the crutches and aircast for three weeks . It is still hirting.How long could I recover? Thanks


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