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I’ve had an EMG that’s negative. I’m not diabetic, but my feet continue to feel like I’m walking on crumpled socks just behind my toes. The one podiatrist said that there’s nothing wrong with my feet. Another said it is a neuroma, but the weird feeling runs the entire width of my feet just behind the toes. I wore my Birks the other day, and the toe ridge actually left a blister where I feel there is slight swelling behind my second toe. I’m really at a lost…neuropathy? metatarsalgia….neuroma? Help.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Sensory neuropathy may not necessarily show up on an EMG. Causes can be varied- vitamin deficiency, heredity, certain diseases, alcoholism, diabetes, hypothyroidism, referred pain from the back, spinal stenosis, tarsal tunnel syndrome to mention a few. Have you seen a neurologist? If so, did anyone mention taking Neurontin or another medication?


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    I saw a neurologist the other day, and she said that it couldn’t most likely isn’t a neuroma…even though a well-known podiatrist felt that I had a neuromas in both feet and gave me a cortisone shot. All my blood tests are normal. No diabetes…and and emg that was normal. Now she wants a nerve biopsy. I’ve heard these are very painful. I have been a heavy drinker and I do know that alcoholic neuropathy exists, but my nutrition is good and my liver enzymes are normal. I have some stenosis in my back, but it doesn’t radiate down my leg. I am really worried and at a loss.


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