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It all started about 2 weeks ago when I stood up put my arms up and stretched back and something popped about 5 inches below my armpit in my rib cage. Now I have increasing discomfort in my ribs and under my shoulder blade with very tender muscles and a lot of knots along my shoulder blade, it feels like I am out of position and I can not sit comfortably, if I lay on my stomach and put my hand flat under my ribs and inhale deeply something pops and when I exhale it pops back into place. I am worried it is a growth or organ but it feels so much like I have a vertebra out of place that will not pop back in. I keep sitting leaning to my right to take pressure off my uncomfortable ribs that the right side of my back cramps. I hope someone can shine some light on this for me! Thanks

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    Dr Anthony Gambale

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    Dear ScottMy name is Dr Anthony Gambale and I am a Chiropractor for more then 22 years my advice is that the ribs attach to the spine with a joint space.If your spine is out of place the rib joint space can be dissplaced that is way you fell the pop. I will have your spine checked by a chiropractor. This is a comon problem.Please visit me online for a beter understeanding of your problem or contact me at 877-602-7248Kind regards Dr Gambale


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