Prolapse to discs c5 & c6

My brother has had chronic pain for 4 years from a work related injury.
He has herniated central prolapse to c5 & c6.
This injury is uncommon as the prolapse is internal and often presses on his spinal cord.
We live in Australia and he has not been able to successfully find a doctor who can help him. He has been given no hope for a cure and has only been informed of pain contol and medication for the rest of his life.
He is only 35 with a young family and the pain is now almost unbearable.
Please, do you have any information on treatment here in Australia or overseas? At this point in time, he cannot mentally cope with any more false hope.
We, as a family, are prepared to do whatever it takes to find him a cure so that he may lead a normal life.
I hope you can assist us with information and, please, the possibility of a cure.
I feel my brother is now in a desperate time in his life and look forward to hearing from you with some great news to give him.
Many thanks for your time.

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    I have just been told today by my employer to look for another job,because of my back problem. I am 31 years old and I have had this conversation with countless employers. I cannot lift,bend or sit down,so it looks like I have to look for work as a lamppost! I have to look at the funny side of this,if I don’t,suicide starts to look like a good idea. It started 11 years ago when I bent down to pick an item up off the floor in a factory,i felt a twinge and couldnt get back up. I thought nothing at first but as time went on the pain grew. It wouldnt be as bad if I had people who believed me,even my partner has doubts. I have 2 children and a mortgage and I don’t know where the next penny is coming from. I have a great deal of sympathy for your brother and for you also, but don’t give up hope,i wont.


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