Prolonged Neck Pain

I have been suffering from neck pain for the past three weeks. Originally it started out down the middle of my neck–the spine area and when massaged, my neck would click and you could feel the bone moving.It’s onset was upon waking one morning, but it was a totally different feeling than when sleeping wrong… I now have neck stiffness on the whole left side and the pain started radiating down my left shoulder days ago, then down my arm and eventually a numbness/tingling in my left hand.Pain killers do not seem to help, nor does the massages or hot compresses…Any suggestions as to what could cause this (I’m only 28 btw) and how to rid the pain?

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    You probably have a place in the spine that “slipped out” so to speak. The thing is, it’s probably been going on longer than you think. Your body will be able to compensate for this for some time. That is until it can no longer compensate and BAM! It goes out. Very common to be doing something trivial, like going for a walk and then it presents itself. What can you do? Go see a chiropractor, we handle these types of problems on a daily basis. Find one who specializes in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Where are you located? I can lead you in the right direction.


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