PT for Scaphoid Fracture

I fractured my scaphoid 10 weeks ago. Doc removed cast yesterday, took x-ray, says it’s still fractured. Kept cast off and has me beginning occupational therapy in 2 days. This makes no sense to me. If it was healed, fine, but to start PT when it’s still fractured? This sounds to me like it would do more damage than good. Thinking about getting a second opinion. BTW, this doc is an orthopedic specialist. Opinions please?

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    My son broke his scaphoid bone playing football in September of 2017. The fracture was not detected until about 2 months later. He wore a cast for about 5 months and then had surgery in February of 2018. The surgeon rerouted blood supply to the scaphoid, removbed a small part of the scaphoid that was broken, reachored the ligament to the scaphoid bone, and put in four long pins. The pins were removed in April. When we went back in May, the Dr. said that everything looks great internally and that my son shouldn’t have physical therapy. The dr. said his lifestyle could be his therapy. He cleared him for athletic activity for 6/16/18. My son plays football (quarterback) and baseball (catcher). My son is very concerned because his mobility has not improved at all since his dr. appointment a month ago. He says that he doesn’t feel ready at all to resume playing sports. What could you recommend?


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