Right distal fibula

Hello, I broke my ankle/leg 4 weeks ago 7/13, had surgery 3 wks ago, 7/18, to put a plate with four screws to put it back together, and am currently in a cast.
The cast comes off in three weeks, 8/21, and I’ll be getting a boot (removable splint?).
I’m an extremely active person during the entire year and have been told by the doctor that I will not need PT.
THis strikes me as very odd, but would like to know if PT is required, what kind of excercises I can do now, and if possible what the length of recovery time generally is. I’m itching to get moving, ski season will be approaching soon, even though I know i’ve got a long way to go.
Thanks, Pablo.

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    May PT

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    Not every doctor believes in PT. When you get your cast off and you are lacking full range within 1 week ask nicely, but firmly that you want PT. If you have PT you will recover MUCH quicker than left to your own therapy.


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