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since I can remember my ankles have rolled outward.
my shoes show the evidence of wear and tear on the outside part of the soles and not alot on the inside portions.
I can tell that I do not put my feet straight down but put majority of the pressure on the outside.
even when I am off my feet the ankles are rolled outward.
my ankles and lower legs are now becoming painful following walking, running or after long periods of standing.
Are there inserts/braces that can help to straighten my feet as I walk/run and is it time to see a Dr.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I think it is time you see a podiatrist. A custom orthotic might help you.


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    Hi, I have a 4 year little girl. We have had her in different types of orthodics since she was 1. First was a type of plastic boots formed for her ankles and feet and now inserts cast for her feet. She seems to be getting worse and starting to complain of pain in feet and ankles. Dr’s act as though there is no much that can be done. She stands on the inside of her feet. Any opinion is greatly appreciated.Doug Jones


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