Rotator Cuff and Biceps Tendonitis

I developed rotator cuff and biceps tendonitis through pitching overuse.
I’ve been resting my arm and icing and therapy for a month and nothing has seemed to change.
It actually feels worse because now my shoulder bugs me when I just sit around.
I did try to pitch a week and a half ago but I only threw 5 pitches.
I am going to the doctor next week, do you think that I am going to need some type of surgery?

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    I also have a problem with my rotator cuff. I went to a massage therepist and he got enough out that it began to get better. Make sure that you do not continue to work it, the more you use it the faster it will become unbearable. Mine just returned this year when volleyball season started, so if you found anything out at the doctor please let me know. Thanks and I hope that yours is cured and continues to stay that way!


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