Shattered talus bone

I dislocated my foot and shattered the talus bone in my ankle back on July 12th. I had surgery to repair the damage. In Sept, I went back for xrays and the xrays showed where my ankle was not healing on the inside of my ankle where he made the incisions for surgery in July. He also said that I didn’t have a good blood supply in the bones and the bones have the potential to die off and crumble. This didn’t make me happy!! The top part of my foot appeared to be healing okay though. I had to go back in October for more xrays and it was finally starting to show a little healing on the inside of my ankle and the bones didn’t look like they were trying to die off. This was a good sign! 🙂 My surgeon finally allowed me to start putting 50% of my weight onto my foot. He wanted me to start working my way up to fullweight as soon as I was able. Now my foot is swelling up really bad on the left side. I didn’t break anything on the left side of my foot and that is where most of my pain is now. I can feel my ankle popping each time I walk and the pain seems to radiate up through my fibula. It also looks like someone took a airpump and blew my foot up after walking on it. I could understand having a lot of pain where they did my incisions and where it wasn’t healing properly, but I don’t understand why I am having so much pain on the left side when I didn’t break anything on that side. It’s been 4 months now and I still can’t walk on my ankle without my crutches. I am wondering if he should have done a MRI to check for tissue damage. I just feel like after 4 months I should be up walking on my own by now. Any opinions?

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    About 2 years ago I was playing basketball and took a big fall. I continued the rest of the game as my ankle pain shot through my whole leg. About a day later I went to a walk-in clinic where the x-rays showed nothing more than an enourmous amount of swelling. The doctor puzzled casted my ankle up for 2 weeks hoping to see improvments. 2 weeks were up and I was seeing the top orthopedic specialist in the area where he diagnosed it as “nothing more than a bad sprain”. Another year went by and the pain began to get worst and the color changing and swelling enourmous amounts. I was then taken 2 years after the injury back to see another specialist where he was also puzzeld with the whole situation and sent me for x-rays where once again nothing showed. I then went for a bone scan 2 months later and nothing showed. Doctor again puzzled sent me for an MRI where it showed, a break to the talus, a stress fracure in the foot, chips of bone floating around and a hematoma. Being the athlete I am I was devistated after being told 6 weeks in a cast. After the 6 weeks were up the cast came off and my foot was totally messed up. The heel of my foot was sticking out, and I had constant pain on the inner side of my ankle where I had never hurt before. So now I have bones sticking out of my foot and heel, and pain constantly, the more I walk on it the less it hurts until I sit down to relax where it swells up and turs colors in short periods of time. I am going back to see my doctor in a couple of weeks but after going 2 years with it broken I’m not too sure about his diagnosis, can anyone help me please!! If you have any ideas what so ever at what could be going on please help me, I play for the areas basketball team, the regional basketball team, and the provincial basketball team please I would like to make national team this year but it will be pretty hard if I’m in another cast!!


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