should I see a chiropractor

I am a 26 year old male in mostly good health.
The problem is I always have neck, shoulder and upper back pain. One of my shoulders is higher than the other and I feel like I am “uneven” like my head is always slightly tilted to one side no matter what I do.
My only concern is that I have osteoporosis.
I am taking meds to make my bones stronger but should I avoid going to see a chiropractor because of this even though I am always in discomfort?

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    First off, how old were you when you were diagnosed with Osteo? Depending on how old you were…usually people your age that has been diagnosed, you still have the strength in your bones to take on a chiro adjustment. My advice, seek a gentle chiropractor, perhaps one that uses a device called activator or a technique called SOT. good luck to you


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