sternum pain

I’ve had sternum pain/tightness that goes away most of the time by stretching my chest and arms in a certain way to make the sternum “pop”. A couple of times in the last year, I get a more severe muscle spasm with terrible pain from the front sternum clear to my back around the shoulder blade, with no strength to lift things in the affected arm as well.
This last attack came on while cleaning a bathroom mirror.
I treat it with high doses of advil for about 10 days and ice or heat to the painful area. My family doc guesses it is costocondritis.
What is wrong with me?
Should I be seeing an orthopedic dr. for this? Can they do anything else to help it permanently go away?
When I get into a bad flare with this, I have to stop exercising (aerobics, light weights: 3-5 lb.) for a long time to rest it and I am tired of having to put my life on hold while this heals and then reinjures.

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    Dear kathy, Its better for you to go to a doctor right away, better go to a rheumatologist. Based on your statement there are patterns and symptoms that fall in the category of you of having a systemic syndromes like myalgias and Chronic fatigue syndromes. An Orthopedic is a good doctor also but its better if somebody who specializes on those kinds of conditions that you have right now. Hope your well very soon, Kathy! =D


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