stiff fingers after broken wrist

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I broke my wrist on 7-10-03. After getting the cast off, and having gone through 20 visits of physicial therpy, I have ended up having my fingers getting stiff. It gets worse at night, or when I just sit and don’t keep exercising my fingers.Is there anymore I can do for this? Will they ever get back to normal, and if so, how long to you think this will take.


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    This is not normal. You need to get proper rehab now, or you will never get back your normal range-of-motion. Perhaps you should ask your Orthopedist to refer you to an Occupational Therapist (OT), rather than the PT you have been seeing. OTs are the experts in doing rehab on upper extremities, so that would be the best specialist for you to see, given your present situation. One more thing…are you really doing the home rehab program of exercises that your PT has suggested? If you don’t do your share of the rehab, you will not get well. Please ask your doctor about getting a referral to a good OT, and then let us know how you make out. Good luck.


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    I broke my wrist two months ago. It has been one week since I took my cast off. I would like to get more detail information how to get my wrist’s flexibility and strength. Thank you!


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