surgery for Morton’s Neuroma

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I am having this surgery and I was wondering how long is the recovery time? How long to be off my feet?
Also I was wondering what your thoughts were on the reason why my foot became more painful after I tried a cortozone shot. I had it the end of July and my foot hurts worse now then it did before the shot?


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Depending on the patient and many variables and the surgeon and variables, recovery may take several weeks to several months. Patients have diffrent perseptions of what recovery is. Is it when you can wear a soft shoe? Is it when you can run? Is it when you can walk barefoot without pain? It basically depends on the individual. I alwyas warn a patient that a shot of cortisone can have 3 possible results: better, worse or no change. It can get worse if the neuroma is irritable ebnough that injecting in or around it aggravates it more than the cortisone is able to help.


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    My first surgery was done approximately 1 1/2 years ago for a Morton’s Neuroma. At that time the I had tried orthotics, “dancer’s pads”, special shoes, etc. The surgery went well but the recoup was time consuming. I cannot tolerate NSAIDS of any kind and I believe it was about 3 weeks before I was back in shoes and 6 until feeling fairly Normal. At that time the tumor was removed. I subsequently developed 2 more neuromas on different feet. We tried new orthotics, steroid injections and alcohol injections, all with some relief but the inevitable kept happening. Finally scheduled surgery again ( done 5 days ago). I had a bilateral decompression of the ligament that was pressing on the nerve. I can walk for short distances in sneakers, have minimal discomfort but rest most of the day. I expect to be out of work for approximately 2 weeks since I am an RN and may only return to work with no restrictions on my job function. I would be very interested in hearing results from others that have had this fairly new procedure performed and how they are doing.


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