talus bone fracture

I have some numbness on the sole of my foot now,one year after a car accident that caused the trauma to my right ankle.
I was casted initially for 7 wks. and my arch healed too high now I have bone chips causing pain.
Is surgery my only option?

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    I was in a major car accident with a cement truck full of concrete that pulled out in front of me and I slamed into it, thats besides the point, I’m still alive. I fractured my talus bone and I was in a cast for 8 weeks, I started going to a pain mgt clinic and started getting several blocks in my back and one is a symathetic nerve block and I’m also going to physical therapy for a long period of time. I was dignosed with CRPS/RSD and in severe chronic pain, my question is why wasn’t surgery performed, this was 6 months ago and I still can’t put any weight on my right ankle.


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