talus fracture

I have just been told that I have fractured my talus bone in a ski accident two weeks ago. I hobbled on the foot for 6 days prior to seeking help at the hospital. They failed to ID this fracture but immobilised the foot with a backslab for one week as a piece of bone had ben lifted on the top of my foot (this was from hyperextension they believe). I went to the fracture clinic yesterday as a follow up and they discovered this further damage. They have put me in plaster for 3 months – weight off!! I am very sporty although over 40 (just) and want to maximise my chances of regaining full movement (75% apparently). Could you confirm that this is the best way to treat this condition (as far as you know) or suggest other treatments that may be available as sitting and waiting and hopeing is not really my style. I feel that I should be increasing blood flow to the area etc.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Without seeing what type of talar fracture you have, I can’t say for sure. Immobilization is the proper treatment. WHile you are worried about blood getting to the area, we worry more about too much movement causing the bone not to heal. The talus has a very touchy blood supply and can get bad if not immobilized properly. You should listen to your doctor. Also remember that as long as you will be immobilized, it will take at least as long to build back up again. Good luck


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