Tibial Intramedullary Rod and Knee Pain

Hello. I fractured my Tib/Fib in a snowboarding accident on 3/28/10. I had surgery 3/30/10 to implant tibial intramedullary nail. Surgery went well, incisions healed great and I have retained most all of my range of motion in ankle and knee. Some definate atrophy in my right thigh but I’m sure that will return with therapy (which I just started yesterday). The actual fracture location has little to no pain, usually. The thing I am concerned about is the anterior knee pain that I experience when putting much weight on the bad leg. The pain is still moderate to severe after 6 weeks. I have read that this is quite common with the procedure. I’m just concerned with the recovery time, etc. involved. I’m hoping that strengthening the muscles back up in the thigh will take some strain off the joint. I have never had a serious injury so maybe I’m rushing things. What is the normal rate of recovery for such things. I am very healthy otherwise. I don’t smoke. Been taking Calcium and vitamin D supplements since surgery. I have to at least be able to walk normally before I can return to work. I am a power lineman. I know that climbing poles is out for a few months but walking sure would be nice! Haha! Any info or life experiences would be appreciated. I’m just not used to being down like this and it’s getting a bit depressing. Thanks for any info.

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    Dear S. Wilfong,Our knees is the intermediate joint of our lower limbs. The source of that pain in your knee is not there but in the adjacent joints and region- the hips, thighs, legs and ankles region. There are things in that raea that need to be strengthen and stretch for your to lose that pain in your knee (patellofemoral pain syndrome). Consult your PT about it.. =D


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