Tight hip / leg curve in spine

I recently found out I have one hip slightly higher than the other and have a mild curve in my spine. I do chiropractic treatments a couple times a week and it isnt changing anything. ( I’ve been to them so much I can even tell them what is off before they start )I have had a problem for years and have seen over a dozen chiropractors with all the same general take on it…keep doing adjustments. They don’t seem to want to address much for the muscle issues. I do believe there are some tight muscles in the hips (psoas quads and glutes- which I have been stretching.) There is a magic muscle trigger point some where but I can’t find it. I have used an inversion table, which I did get dramatic results with (85-90 % improvement in the whole body )until my body said no thats enough. I can feel the right hip is tight and is twisted. Right si joint, piriformis muscle… I know when it all balances out from the hips everything else does too. Any suggestions?

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    You probably need a heal lift on the short side, this will balance the pelvis, help straighten the curve in the lumbar spine and take the tension off the psoas muscle that is torquing you hip and pelvis. Adjustments are benficial but these chiropractors aren’t addressing whats going on. The doctor needs to determine if you have a functional short leg or a structural short leg. Once this is done, the doctor will know whether to use a heel lift as a permanent fix or a temporary one.


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