Tingling sensation in finger because of whiplash???

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Hello:I got into a minor car accident about a month and a half ago and after a couple of weeks I felt headaches and pain in the neck which went away after 2 weeks I would say. A month after the accident I woke up and my pinky and ring finger of my left hand were tingling when I bend my arm or twist my body, it’s a minor tingle but I was wondering it you knew what it was. It the condition severe, what caused this, Its a tingling sensation in the tip of the fingers and just when the arm is bend, . I was wondering if you could help me and I would really appreciatte it, I heard it might be a damaged nerve, and if it is can it be the result of whiplash from the accident, and why would it appear a month after the accident took place. I know it’s a lot of questions but I would appreciatte your helpThank you and have a great day, I look forward hearing what you have to say


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    It sounds as though you have irritation of your ulnar nerve. This may be originating from your neck or from anywhere along the path of the ulnar nerve. I reccomend that you find a chiropractor proficient in Active Release in your area. Active Release works to remove any scar tissue/adhesions that may be compromising the function of the nerve. You can find a provider near you at


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    ji have an almost identical problem on my left side.after spending a week bodysurfing in some monster tubes in mexico, I developed a pain emanating from a very tight knot next to my shoulder blade. My sister, who is a massage therapist, was amazed at how hard and unresponsive to massage it was. I had it massaged several times and it finally disappeared, only to be replaced by tingling and numbness in my thumb, index and middle finger, sometimes spreading up my arm to my shoulder. This occurs especially when I extend my arm forward which, as a semi-professional billiard player, I do quite frequently. after returning to switzerland, I visited a chiropractor who, after taking x-rays of my neck, said that it was caused by damage to my spine (C6,C7) incurred 25 years prior in a whiplash accident. Unfortunately, his treatment did nothing to alleviate the numbness. On the contrary, I started feeling pain below the area he was treating. I stopped the treatment and am now looking for other avenues of treatment. Any suggestions or new developments in your problem?


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