Too many symptoms to make sense

I’ve been seeing Chiropractors and massage therapists for three years trying to fix a head and neck injury.
I’ve been refered back and forth amoung Chiropractors to try diferent kinds of adjustment methods, but non seem to work.
My symptoms vary and move around. One week my pelvis and ribs are out and the next week my occipital and jaw and shoulders are the main issue.
I have had countless x-rays and a couple of MRIs.
My main Chiropractor even broke his no-drug rule, sending me to his M.D. to go on muscle relaxers for awhile.
Which felt better, but didn’t help fix anything. Lately, my ribs (front and back) keep coming out, which seems to confuse everyone a bit.
I can’t hold an adjustment for longer than a couple of days – for three years now. I get a cotton feeling in my ears and hear static sometimes. I feel twisted all over all the time. I’ve also have regular eye disturbances (tons of floaties/sometimes large stationary blots) and digestive problems. I’m more than concerned that I’ve not had more than 20 regular bowel movements since my injury.Please give any recomendations of differant therapies or specialized Chiropractic treatments that I might try. Or any thoughts on these (that I’m considering)-Rolfing or Cranial-Sacral therapy? Any suggestions?

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    Have you been adjusted by a doc who practices NET? NET can help to unlock some neuro- emotional patterns that get stuck in the nervous system which can lead to a variety of symptoms throughout the body. If you have not already tried an NET doc, it may be something for you to look into. Additionally, someone who practices torque release technique, or reconnective healing (see thereconnection . com for more info).


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