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April of 2014 I tore my right bicep from the shoulder. I never had surgery to repair the problem.My issue today is there is tremendous cramping in that arm along with restricted tendon movement in the right hand.My question to you is could the restriction in the right hand be related to the bicep issue, if so is it to late to have the surgery preformed on the bicep?


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    Torn biceps do need to be repaired quite quickly or scar tissue builds up and then there’s really no chance of a successful repair. You may have some scar tissue that needs to be “broken” or massaged loose. Yes, the cramping could be coming from your injury as it’s all attached and related in some fashion. Go see your doc and see if you can have some PT… Good luck, Mya PT


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    I had rotator cuff surgery 6 weeks ago. I had a 7 cm tear and needed to reattach a tendon and had a graft put in also. I had about 10 trips to the rehab and after the 5 visit a problem popped up. I now have a hard lump over my bicep and below my shoulder and no one seems to know what it is. I had an x-ray but it didn’t show anything. I didn’t have another MRI yet. Do you have any idea what it could be?


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