torn cartilidge in shoulder

I play rugby and in march this year I was injured a girl wrapped me to take me down and my shoulder popped inward or at least thats what it felt like. I went to the doctors and they sent me to a specialist in june. the specialist sent me straight to therapy they thought I had a strained rotator cuff well therapy made the pain worse and wsnt working so they sent me for an MRI two days ago and I went yesterday and they told me ai had a tear in my cartilidge but since I was in a sling my shoulder rotated forward and my muscles were starting to shut down… so I have to go back to therapy for a month and the doctor said then we will see how bad the cartilidge is torn.. Does that require surgery if it is causing me pain? and wat is your opinion because it is now the end af august and it still hurt and it has been hurting for 6 months and I want it fixed. and the pain is between like 7-10 on that scale and I have broken this collar bone twice in the past and it clicks now when I move it. I dunno please send me a response… thanks for listening

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    First of all, I’M NOT A PHYSICAL THERAPIST, but I have experience with shoulder pain, clicking, and posterior and anterior subluxing (sort of like not quite dislocating but partial movement of humerous out of socket). I had shoulder surgery about three monts ago because I tore my labrum, a major piece of soft tissue in the shoulder that helps to create the socket. I’m just about done with physical therapy and my shoulder feels much more stable and strong, and has a lot less pain. i did physical therapy before surgery to see if it would help as well and it didn’t. If I were you, I would talk to your orthopeadic (make sure you have one that specializes in shoulders), explain that you’ve tried physical therapy and it hasn’t worked and ask about their opinion on surgery. it sounds to me like surgery could only do good (it helped my brother who tore his cartilege as well). I’M NOT A PHYSICAL THERAPIST, just an athlete who used to have shoulder problems expressing my opinion.


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