Torn Labrum

I tore my Labrum while skiing early in January.
I saw an Othopedic Surgeon in March and the CT-angiogram confirmed it. At the time (March) I was still having a lot of pain from the tear and weakness in the shoulder but now in June the pain is about gone, my ROM is pretty much normal and where I had a lot of clicking and cracking in my shoulder its now gone.
My question is should I go ahead and get this surgically repaired at this time or can I wait to see if the shoulder gets back to normal with more time.
Will it hurt to put off the surgery? Thanks

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    Rick, I can’t see that it would hurt to wait, as the damage is already done. If you are improving with time, I would want you to see a Physical Therapist for an evaluation. I think that you might well be able to recover with some PT and home shoulder exercises! Try to see a PT for an initial evaluation, and let us know what he recommends. Good luck!


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