twisting head causes pain in upper back and right arm

Recently I began having discomfort-pain in my upper back (right side) and right arm (near inside of elbow) when my head is leaning back and to the right side. I have had trouble sleeping—can not seem to get into any comfortable position except when lying on my back. Are there any exercises that might help?

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    Dr. Brian

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    Exercises may help, but before any treatment, you should first get evaluated by a Chiropractor. This sounds like a possible referral or radiating pain that could be coming from the upper Thoracic or Lower Cervical facet joints. If it is a disc that is causing the radiating pain, then traction and chiropractic treatment would work best. If it is a referral pain coming from the Cervical facet joints (the twisting head and leaning back position challenges the joints), then chiropractic treatment, followed by stretching would help. Which stretches? This depends on which muscles are tight. Contact a chiropractor.
    Dr. Brian


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