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becoming a physical therapist


Hi, I’m Ashley and i am 15 years old, I’ve been researching job information on physical therapists because that’s what I would like to be when I grow up. I was just wondering if you could give me any hints on things I can do to prepare for the job and what classes I can take. Anything will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Ashley


  1. Hi my name is Chenel and I be interested in becoming a Physical Therapist for sometime know.But I would like to obtain some more information about the field and I would very much appreciate it if you could assists me with locating some information on the field of Pyhsical Therapy.

  2. Hello.I’m not a member of this site,in fact I’m looking for information on becoming a Physical Therapist is intense. Let me tell you this.Physical Therapy is competative.However,even though there is alot of competitian in education,the demand for physical therapist is expected to grow.This is due to the aging of the poulation and the increased number of elderly who ae more easily injured,and therefore may need physical therapy.I’ve heard it’s good if you take Math,Chemistry,Physics,Computers,Social Courses,or some combination of these to prepare you.At the physical therapy school near me,you must have at least one year of university to get into the program.It may be wise to persue a “Plan B” degree,just in case you don’t get in to Physical Therapy school.Say,if you like Political Science and Phys.Therapy.If you can get into Political Science (or whatever discipline) and take the required courses for Phys.School.That way,if you don’t get in,you can persue your undergrad degree and,if you wish apply to after.Once you do your required courses it takes 3 or 4 years to get your B.Sc in Phys.Therapy and then you have to get a license,governed by your state or province.It may be a good idea to go for your Masters (taking 1-3 years,I think,usually requiring a thesis,which is loooongggg paper)If you want to teach,a PH.D is best. Physical Therapists usually work 40 hours a week.The average amount of money made is 45 to 75 thousand a year.But it varys on location,education,experience,and the amount of hours you work.So,some therapists make 100+ thousand a year,but don’t get your hopes up.Aim for high grades in High School and University/College.You’ll likely work in a therapy room (often in a hospital,nursing facility,clinic,etc.) put you may do occasional house calls. Hope This Helps!