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Total knee operation – How is it done


The name “Total Knee Replacement” is a misnomer.

In this operation, the surgeon removes only the damaged surfaces of the knee joint and then covers them with surface shells made of metal and polyethylene.

The proper name would thus be “the surface replacement of the knee joint”.

Here follows only a very short course on the principles of the operation itself.


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Broken Knee Injuries Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

A broken knee can be due to several injuries, like broken knee cap (patella fracture), or broken leg bones (tibia or fibula fracture) or thigh bone (femur fracture) near the knee joint. Road accidents, especially bike accidents, can cause the worst broken knee’s, with several knee fractures and torn knee ligaments and tendons. Such injuries are highly disastrous, and can have lifelong consequences. Even trivial knee injuries can be quite discomforting for a persons routine life. A broken knee is a serious knee injury, which causes severe disability and even deprives a person from any worthwhile employment for a prolonged period.


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