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Elbow Supports/Braces


I dislocated my elbow quite badly about 6 weeks ago and altough the physio is going well, I’m likely to need an elbow brace or support of somekind when I resume sporting activities. Does anybody recommend a specific brand?


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Hamstring Tendon Injury?

Hi, I’ve had it with this injury — second time, so I’m going to see a doctor soon, but I’m curious about what you think it might be. I work out with weights, cycle, etc., and do intense stretching. Three years ago, my left leg suddenly became extremely tight, couldn’t stretch it without extreme discomfort. Lasted for a year; nothing helped, not even rest. After a year of being healthy, I have reinjured again. No pain, just discomfort due to the tightness and loss of range of motion. Seems centered at the back of the knee. Thanks for any thoughts and suggestions about what to do about it.

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I Injured my calf.

Well, I’m 16 years old. I was exercising and when I was done on the bike I decided to do 10 calf raises on each stair up out of the basement (11 steps)=(110 raises). The next day they didnt hurt that much, but I had to do register for school and I was walking up and down ramps in the auditorium, when I got home and sat down I couldnt stand up again. The muscles in my legs are so tight right now that if I move my ankle in a way that stretches the achilles tendon and pulls on the calf my calves hurt ALOT. I cannot walk on my heels and I’ve been walking around on the tips of my toes for 3 days now, what do i do?
Help!!! Aahh!!!

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Groin Pain

Hay there..
I suffer groin pain, otherwise called Ostetis Pubis since 20months. I got my injury playing indoor soccer as I am (used to be?) a pro player. Since that day, it was 11 Jan 2004, I have been trying many remedies to recover such as MRI, X RAYS, anti inflammatory medicines, physiotherapy, stretching, manipultation, TENS and TECAR therapy, Ultrasound and Infra Red and also a Cortisone injection straight into my hip…

Nothing is changed..Now I am going for a BONE SCAN, but sadly I have to say that this period has changed me: I find harder to cheer up and think that I will be able to play soon; therefore everytime I see a sport doctor I am not faithful in a quick recover.


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Using ultrasound

Hi! I would like to read the way other physical therapists apply ultrasound, specially for adhesive capsulitis. How do you decide what intensity and percentage to use?

Thank you

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Please help me, I hope I didn't do anything serious.

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This is a brief rundown of my workout routine. For the past 6 months I have been working out for a multitude of reasons. I have all the weight machines I need right at home so I don’t currently have any need to join a gym. I also use dumbells besides the weight machines. Basically I do 3 sets of 8 repetitions for each of my workouts. I also do one set of 50 pushups and 2 sets of 60-70 pushups. I do this every other day and about once every 2 weeks or so I take a two day break. For the past 6 months this has been working pretty well for me although I am probably going to need to switch to a two day routine because I am planning on increasing the number of different exercises I do. I stretch regularly although not to the best of my ability and sometimes I slack off although the past month or so I got my ass in gear and started to try and stretch properly.

The problem is that last tueday I didn’t get out of work until late and didn’t get a chance to work out until 3 AM. I was rushing and wasn’t thinking about breathing properly or anything like that. The problem came when I was on my set of 60 pushups, I was rushing through them and I did about 23-25 pushups without taking a breath of air. I started to feel a tight pain in my neck and tried to fix it by breathing properly but around 37 pushups the pain became unbareble and I had to stop. The only way to describe it is by imagining somone removing your spinal cord and then taking all the nerves, blood vessels and what not and twisting them all together very tightly. No matter which position I put my neck in the pain would not subside and I tried laying down, sitting straight up and the only thing I could do was wait for it to stop and it took about a good 6 minutes to calm down. I then had a pretty good pain in my neck for the next 45 minutes or so and had a headache for the rest of the night. The next morning I also had a headache (although I don’t know if it was from sinesis or not) and the pain in my neck was still there.

On thurday I tried working out again and didn’t push myself to hard but the pain came back although not to the same degree as the last time. I tried again today this morning and the pain came back again but not to bad.

My question is this,
Do you know what I did to myself?
Are there any stretches I can do to prevent this in the future?
How long will this take to heal?
Is this really serious?
How bad did I screw up?

Thank you for your help and I am looking forward to seeing a response, it scared the crap out of me when it first happened and I would really like to identify the problem and fix it and prevent it form happening again. I’m done BSing around and from now on I’m going to take working out more seriously, especially since I’m moving into the heavier weights now.

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Injury to nerves in foot

Three years back I fell and sat down on my left foot breaking the small bone in my ankle.The bone healed but the nerves in my foot were injured.I have been to two foot specialists and got no relief. Does anyone have a suggestion? Cowman

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According to everything I can find on this site or others, it appears I have something going on with my MCL. The primary point of pain is the inside, just below the knee cap where it feels bruised and I believe a ligament enters or attaches near the tibia/shin area. I am a cyclist and have logged over 4,000 miles already this year so wondering if this could be over use and/or my seat being a bit high or even cleat alignment. (put new seat on not too long ago). It almost feels contracted after sitting for a spell and remains stiff/sore until I walk a little. If I bend to do something and the leg is extended I can feel some pain and when I just stretch the leg, like laying and yawning, etc. I did not receive a blow to the outside of the knee, which is what most things I read suggest. Am wondering if I can continue to cycle and just ice after wards, or need rest. I did lower my seat a small amount but may need to go back to my shop where they did a comprehensive fitting at one time… and get it done again? Also, FYI, because of a spine/lower back condition, the same leg is approx. 1/2 inch shorter than the left. Well, according to my pants anyway! Any advice appreciated… do I need to see a dr.?

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Hip pain when pushing for speed

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Ok, I run and am currently trying to run 2.5 km in 11 minutes. I’ve added speed intervals in my running program to assist with reaching my goal.
Problem: every time I incorporate the speed intervals, I get pain in my left hip! It’s right at the hip bone on my left side. When I touch it, it feels bruised (so I don’t touch it). Walking hurts, and it’s uncomfortable when I sleep and roll over during the night.
What is this? What can I do to prevent this from happening, but still work on my speed?
Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

“instant human, just add coffee!”

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Hand pains

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hi, i’m a regular mountain biker and almost 3 weeks ago i went on a day trip with some friends. my problem is my right hand. my 3 right fingers (pinky, ring, and middle finger) are having some serious issues and I find it very difficult to squeeze my fist into a ball (those 3 fingers ache like crazy and i usually can’t hold the grip). the pain is behind the knuckles in my lower fingers and into my hand. my hand seems kind of swollen too in that area between the base of your pinky to your wrist, fleshy palm area. it’s been 3 weeks now and i’ve obviously pulled something, but it seems to be getting more painful.. to the point where my job is becoming difficult (web developer).

i got the injury from hand brakes most likely.. anyone had some experience with this sort of injury?

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