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Candidate for Total Knee Replacement?

Who decides whether you will have a total knee replacement operation? Curiously enough, you are the boss, you decide!

  • Your surgery depends principally on your willingness to comply with the long, demanding post-operative physical therapy and rehabilitation program that follow the surgery.
  • All other considerations (your age, disease character, etc.) are secondary.
  • The decision to have the operation of a damaged knee joint is a highly personal matter, and only you can make that decision, together with your surgeon.


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Minimally Invasive Total Hip Replacement

Minimally Invasive or Mini-incision Hip Replacement

There are several varieties of “minimally invasive” or “mini-incision” hip replacements being done. Some are the same as the normal operation, just through the use of specialized instruments the OS is able to work using a smaller incision, some do the normal procedure with an incision as small as 5 inches long. Another other type is done with instruments marketed by Zimmer Orthopedics, Inc. This involves two two-inch incisions and the procedure is done using flouroscopy. In this procedure the femoral head is broken into several peices so it can be removed through the smaller opening. (more…)

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Alternative knee operations


  • Arthroscopic “shaving” and other procedures
  • Transplantation of tissues and cells
  • Osteotomy
  • Arthrodesis


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Computer Assisted Total Knee Surgery

The principle of the Computer Assisted total knee operation is simple:

The computer program produces a map of the patient’s knee. The map is reproduced on a large screen. The position of surgeon’s hands and instruments are incorporated in this map too.

The progress of the operation is monitored on the screen. The total knee surgery is turned into something akin to an instrumented landing of an aircraft.

This is theory. In practice, the computer systems used just now in total knee surgery are more simple. (more…)

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Linked Total Knee Prostheses

These total knee prostheses permit flexion and extension and  allow for a limited rotation. The linked total knee prostheses, however, prevent movements to both sides (abduction and adduction) of the knee joint. That is their purpose: to provide the total knee with intrinsic side stability.

The limited amount of rotation, that these prostheses allow, improves gait and decreases stresses on the bone -skeleton interface created by walk and other activities.  Thus, in contrast to the old true hinged total knees, the linked total knee prostheses have lover rates of complications. (more…)

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Total knee operation – How is it done


The name “Total Knee Replacement” is a misnomer.

In this operation, the surgeon removes only the damaged surfaces of the knee joint and then covers them with surface shells made of metal and polyethylene.

The proper name would thus be “the surface replacement of the knee joint”.

Here follows only a very short course on the principles of the operation itself.


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