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Back Pain In Athletes

Back pain

The lifetime incidence of mechanical back pain of some type or another is approximately 60% in human beings living in a western culture, with or without a sporting interest. While sportsmen can clearly suffer degenerative and mechanical problems unrelated to their sporting endeavours, there is a series of clinical syndromes and pathological processes that are seen specifically, but not exclusively in sportsmen.

Increasingly, in a leisureoriented culture, not only do these back pain problems afflict professional and top-level amateur sportsmen, but there are many recreational sporting injuries in the general population.

It is important to exclude significant underlying pathology in any patient or sportsman with back pain. The list of red flags popularized in the Clinical Standards Advisory Group document is a very useful guide to screening such patients for significant underlying pathology. (more…)

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Lag Screw Fixation

Lag screw fixation is a technique used in surgical treatment (internal fixation) of fractures or broken bones. It involves the use of special half threaded orthopedic bone screws, which are smooth from the head up to half or two-thirds of their length. Even a fully threaded cortical screw can be used as a lag screw if the proximal cortex is over drilled. The function of a lag screw is to achieve compression between the fracture fragments (pieces of bone), which helps in providing lag screw strength for better bone fracture healing.


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