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Still sore after fracture months ago

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Hello, maybe you can advice?
I fractured my big toe in late August, seemed to show the fracture re united about 6 weeks later. Now I am still getting that sharp pain in my big toe if I bend it under?
If I sit and relax and turn my toe under my foot and push the sharp pain is there, that type of pain that makes you let out a sudden yell.
This is the same if someone bumps my toe inwards or under. Any suggestions, last X-ray shows proximal phalanx (spelling might not be correct) was re united. Very mild swelling but hard to notice, toe is fine providing I continue to be careful.
Would appreciate any views
Thank you

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Traumatic Injuries of Hand


Fractures occur when a force is strong enough to crack the bone. This typically occurs with a fall onto the hand, when the hand jams or impacts a hard object, when the hand is crushed between objects, or if the hand is forcefully twisted. A broken bone is not worse than a fractured bone; the two terms are considered to be synonymous. A bone is considered to be fractured whether it has a hairline crack or a large break with the two pieces of bones displaced. (more…)

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Injury Of The Spinal Column

Thoracolumbar spinal injuries can be subdivided into those involving the thoracic spine from T1 to T10, those involving the thoracolumbar junction from T11 to L2 and those involving the lumbar spine from L3 to L5.

The understanding of pathomechanics and classification will guide the surgeon during assessment and in establishing treatment priorities. (more…)

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