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Tendinitis and Tenosynovitis

The tendon is the rope that connects muscle to bone. Some tendons are very short and others are long and cross over joints (such as the ones that bend and straighten the fingers). These tendons may pass underneath ligaments which hold the tendon close to the bone. When the muscle belly contracts during movement, it pulls on the rope (tendon) that is attached to the bone causing movement. The ligamentous bridges prevent the tendon from “popping out”, or bow-stringing, during movement. This makes movement more efficient. Where the tendon needs to pass around a bony bend, the tendon may be covered by a sheath which provides lubrication so that the tendon passes smoothly through these challenging areas. (more…)

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Traumatic Injuries of Hand


Fractures occur when a force is strong enough to crack the bone. This typically occurs with a fall onto the hand, when the hand jams or impacts a hard object, when the hand is crushed between objects, or if the hand is forcefully twisted. A broken bone is not worse than a fractured bone; the two terms are considered to be synonymous. A bone is considered to be fractured whether it has a hairline crack or a large break with the two pieces of bones displaced. (more…)

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Joint, Tendon & Nerve Protection Suggestions


General Suggestions for Protecting Joints & Tendons from Overuse

Whether you have arthritic joint changes or hand and arm pain from repetitive strain injury, the following general suggestions can be helpful in relieving joint stressors and reducing pain during activity. (more…)

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