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What is a total knee prosthesis


classification of total knee prostheses

unicompartmetal total knee

tricompartmental total knee

posterior stabilized total knee

cemented / cementless total knee

mobile and fixed bearing

materials for total knee / incongruent joint surfaces

There is no such total knee joint prosthesis that can mimic the complicated forms of surfaces of the knee joint and the “fuzzy biomechanics” of a healthy knee joint. Every total knee joint prosthesis is thus a compromise, that mimic only certain characteristics of the natural knee joint. The classification of total knee prostheses is equally “fuzzy”. (more…)

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Total knee operation – How is it done


The name “Total Knee Replacement” is a misnomer.

In this operation, the surgeon removes only the damaged surfaces of the knee joint and then covers them with surface shells made of metal and polyethylene.

The proper name would thus be “the surface replacement of the knee joint”.

Here follows only a very short course on the principles of the operation itself.


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