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Dislocated Knee-Cap

My knee popped out 2 years ago and I didn’t “treat” it. I was outside and it just popped. The next day I went to the doctor and he gave me an immobilizer. Will I need surgery after the 3 weeks I have this thing on?

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4 weeks ago while riding my bike I wiped out and flew about 10-15 feet and landed on my side I am sure that I broke some ribs under my left breast they is a large bum extending and now am experinecing severe pains that shoot down the front and across my chest and my heart I do not have any insurance and this is different pain from when I first had the injury. Any movement that causes me to jerk misstep whatever brings this new pain. I can’t reach out real far bend over. Is this normal am getting scared that I may have punctured my lung(although I don’t have a hard time breathing sometimes when I speak or breath in it takes my breath away) am worried that something else is happening.

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Fulkerson surgery for dislocating knee caps!!

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Does anyone have any information on this procedure…though im not sure I want to hear about bad stuff.
I’ve only found a few not so good tales of peoples experiences with Fulkerson surgeries.
Though im a firm beleiver of the bad news spreads 100 times more than good news saying.
I’ve just been advised today by my ortho that I need this and the lateral release on both my knees, starting with the right. Any information at all would help me out. Like recovery time, pain, does it work for short-term AND long-term??? Or will I have to be overhauled in a few years? Hehe?

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fractured elbow

i fractured my radial head and ulna on 7/18/05. I also tore ligaments. the ligaments and ulna are pinned and the radial head was removed and replaced with a titanium implant. I started therapy the week after surgery. I am very limited with all lower arm motion. the prognosis is full recovery with the exception of extension. my research shows this to be the common result. I want to know if there is any chance for full recovery. I am working very hard to get mobility.

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rotator cuff surgery recovery time

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I had surgery to repair a 50% tear on 3/28. I am 10 weeks out and have 135 degree ROM using pullies. My doc says he is disappointed and I should be further along, wants to possibly do some other things. It seems like everyone would progress differently. Help!
What are your experiences and should I be worried??

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Aggressive pt after Rotar Cuff surgery!

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Hi, I have had my pt 5 days after surgery and it has been only a passive therapy orderded by my dr. I had a tear, a spur, the base of my collar bone was shaved and I had repairs in my bicep. After 8 weeks of surgery which the period I’m in right now, my dr gave me script for aggressive therapy which I started doing 2 days ago. Man, that was torture and I was in tears. it was so painful. Does that get better as you go through it or what? Any advice how to deal with it? I take my pain med an hour before I go for pt but I don’t feel much relief. I dread going now. I’m a tennis player and I just got to get full range of my movements which I don’t have much of it right now. My surgeon says if I’m still stiff when he sees me next in 4 month, he’ll have to do another surgery. I was in shock and didn’t discuss anything about that possibility. Does any one knows what that would be? is it like to manipulate the shoulder to get full movements? or what? and will that work? is it painful? I’m trying to think positive and that my therapy will go well and I wont have to go through any more agony.. Please help.. Thanks

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Pulled Hamstring

Any suggestions on how to heal a pulled hamstring faster?

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physical therapy

Im currentely a sophmore at Lock Haven University, PA. I’m going to become a physical therapist, I just don’t know how yet. I’ve looked into different grad schools, but none seem to accept a pre-physical therapy degree, which lock haven offers. How do I get from a pre-pt to a masters or doc.? I have yet to talk to an advisor on this matter, so I thought you could give me an idea.

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lower leg pains in muscle

I tend to run alot but lately i’ve been having a lot of aches and pains in the muscle region of the lower leg right above the ankle it is hardly a sprained muscle and I am able to walk and run on it I stretch regurly and massage it frequently but it has yet to subside in any way

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Patella Malalignment

After years of various joint/arthritis problems, I was recently told that one of my problems is a malalignment of the patella, which the dr. told me I was born with.
He is recommending McConnell taping and other physical therapy.
My question is this: If I was BORN with this dislocation, is it even possible at this point in my life (I’m 46) to fix it via physical therapy?

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