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Hip Pain

A soccer player i’m treating is complaining of pain over his hip area. After assessing him it was apparent he had tight hip rotators. Also his foot on the affected side is more externally rotated than the other. He experienced slight pain in glut region on resisted hip abduction and resisted internal hip rotation. I gave him 5 treatments, mainly working on Glut medius. He felt 100% better for about 2 weeks but now hip starting to give him pain again. He trains 3 nights a week on astro turf and has a game every weekend. Can anyone think of anything i might have missed or do you think he’ll need constant treatment for the duration of the soccer season due to the amount of training he’s doing on hard ground. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks A

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Bumpy Back

Hi there. I’ve spent 2 years getting clear x-rays, but I’ve still got a lump on my lower left buttock the size of a grapefruit. The damage was caused when my horse bolted and threw me against a stone wall at speed. Doctors kept saying the swelling would go down when the body re-absorbed blood and damaged tissue etc. But the bruising is long gone and the bump, and pain isn’t! The pain is tight and muscular, concentrated about two inches to the left of my spine in my mid-buttock area. When aggravated it radiates upwards at a diagonal. Anyone got any ideas?

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Left Knee Damage

Hi,about 2 months ago i was involved in a motocross accident when sum hit from the side causing me to turn my left knee,the noise i herd inside my helmet was so distinctive (either a pop or bang)the pain was immediate,and the following day the knee was very swollen.i didnt at this point go to casaulty or my gp,fearing the worst (having just gone back to work after a broken wrist)i left it thinking hopefully it was just sprained.After about two weeks the swelling had almost gone but their was still sum knotchy feeling inside the knee and slight tenderness and fluid to the outside of the knee cap,i stayed off the bike for a further 2 weeks and then with sum precaution decided to ride again with the knee heavly strapped,after about 6 laps of steady riding the knee felt ok and my speed increased when suddenly if felt like my knee had disclocated again,the pain was immense until i managed to stop the bike ,as i climbed off i felt a clunk and the pain disappeared almost instantly,ive been to my gp who suspects ive possibly damaged the pcl ligaments and at present im awaiting a MRI scan which should be within the next year hopefully!!!,ive been taking sports flex which contains glucosamine and chondroitin,for the 1st two weeks of taking it i was waking up in the night with shooting pains in my knees …has any 1got any ideas regarding this knee problem ! Cheers

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Sterno clavicular subfluxation / dislocation

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I have been temporarily (only local GP not orthopeadic surgeon) diagnosed with sterno clavicular subfluxation. From what I can ascertain this just means out of joint. What medical treatment can I seek to keep my collarbones in place? Has anyone suffered this themselves or heard of it?

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Posterior cruciate

hi all recently had 2 ops on my left knee 1st one to repair cartlidge (may03) 2nd to find out why i was in so much pain (dec03) the surgeon found that my posterior cruciate has gone he doesnt want to reconstruct it because he says its too risky, as the rest of my knee is healthy, but its affecting my day to day life, is this as bad as it sounds?

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Bilayer-quad tendonitis (knee)

hey…i’ve been having a great amount of pain in my knee above theknee cap on both knees for the past few years…it hurts so bad and i am on 2 varsity sports teams seasons one right after the other..almost everything hurts it and when i barely bump the top of my knee cap on hurts really bad…i have been to the doctor and they had me go to physical therapy and that really didn’t help me at all..i have 600 mg of ibprofin that i am on but i just want other peoples advice on what to do..i feel like i’m 80 in a 16 year olds body and i hate it..please let me know


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Security test

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Cortisone jag

I had a cortisone steroid jag 9 days ago. knew it would make me worse for a few days, but it is stil sorer than it was originally! is this normal? I want 2 b full fitness by the end of january i need this to work!!! Any help gratefully recieved.

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Likely a lumbar spine problem

Hi, I recently completed some physical therapy – stretching, strengthening, some ultrasound, a little micro electrical stimulation – to realize that it’s not a piriformis problem but a lumbar spine problem.

What would you recommend? I feel the pain in the rear when sitting on a chair that dips in the back, when doing pretzel stretches, and after 3 minutes of running on a treadmill.

I feel no pain when bicycling, or doing an eliptical machine at a low incline.

What do you think?

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths. Proverbs 3: 3,4

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Collapsing knee

I injured my knee skiing last year and it seemed to have healed until I went trampolining when it collapsed sideways and inwards. Now I can’t trust it at all and it could giveway at any given moment. Now I am unable to kneel as it feels like the ligament on the inside gets caught on something and when I try to stand up it pops off, this is painful and the more often it happens the sorer my knee becomes. I am English and as yet don’t have health insurance. Any answers as to how I could treat it myself and if not what do I need to do and roughly how much will it cost. Help this just seems to be getting more and more painful!

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