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Post Surgical Care

Home Preparation Items

Check with your doctor and hospital about what you will need. Generally you will be provided with the following equipment or need to obtain them from a home health equipment store. In most cases these devices will be needed for the first six weeks to help avoid the risk of dislocation before the hip capsule heals. Some of these devices may be helpful before surgery to make life less painful. I bought a reacher about a year before surgery and it helped a lot. (more…)

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Total Knee Replacement And Sports

Stresses on your new knee joint

The muscles that cross the knee joint act on the knee joint by a system of levers. The dynamic effect of these combined forces is that the resultant loads acting on the knee joint of a moving person are several times higher than the body weight.

In total knee prosthesis, the stresses are concentrated on smaller areas than in normal knees.
Here are some examples of peak loads that occur on the surfaces of a total knee joint prostheses during sport’s activities: (more…)

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Sports and Total Hip Surgery

Can I continue with Sports after total hip surgery?

“Many of us young people have been told that a total hip surgery is the end of life as we know it. Well, if your life has been pain and disability as mine, it is! And what is wrong with that?

This last Monday, I had my follow-up visit with the surgeon and get a clean bill of health for my new total hip. I can now drive and I don’t have to keep a pillow between my legs when in bed. I know that there are lots of sports I can never be able to do again. But I for one enjoy every moment of my new life without pain. And I already started hitting golf balls and soon I will be playing tennis again. “


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