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De Quervains


I was diagnosed with De Quervains in April 2003.Worked with an OT for at least 6 sessions. Did home therapy of icing, stretching, splint,etc.
Had a cortasone shot with an MD hand specialist.
It was pretty much under control for a couple of months.
It has now returned and I am back being in a great deal of pain.
I am thinking about having the operation as a last resort.
Has anyone out there had the operation for De Quervains and if so what has the outcome been.

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  1. I was diagnosed with this as well a couple of years ago. I am a physical therapist assistant myself and tried to treat it conservatively with splinting and iontophoresis. I also saw a hand specialist who gave me one cortisone shot. It worked for about a week and then the pain came back with a vengence. I opted for the surgery. I felt better immediately. I had a few twinges of bearable pain on occasion, but nothing compared to what I did have prior to the surgery. I have no problems now. I would highly recommend the surgery since nothing else is working. It was very easy, surprisingly. 10 days after my surgery I was riding my bike 150 miles over two days for bike to the bay to raise money for multiple sclerosis Good luck.

    • I had the surgery on my right hand last year and it went great! I was back at work in 2 days. I’m going to have the left hand done next month. I’m glad that I did it & I hope it works for you! Mine was done with a local anesthetic and they offered me some sedation to relax me if I wanted it.

  2. was it local or general anesthia? I found that it took about four months with the cortisone shot then the pain came back worse than before……..i am now about 2 months into the second shot

  3. you sound similiar to me……..i injured my wrist in sept 2002……..had mris bone scan and xrays….then in march 03 they casted ( De Quervcains)it ……did OT for months along with iontopheresis…….then a cortisone shot…..that shot lasted about four months…now on my second shot of cortisone……..MD says if this wears off then he would do surgery………so maybe they will give u one more shot of cortisone? where did they inject the cortisone? I had it right in the tendon below the thumb