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Fx Distal fibula


How long would it take to recover from an Acute distal fx fibula? I rec’d mine on 7-16-04. I’ve been instructed to use no-weight bearing for 7 days than advance as tolerate follow up in 2 weeks with another xray to see what it looks like at that time. I have to a leg brace/immbolizer for approx 6weeks. Curious? I have never had a broken bone before and I’m 38 yrs old.


  1. My son recently attended the doctor with what seemed like a bone sticking out of his left leg. It looked like an extra angle-bone!!! He is eleven years of age. I remember when he was 21/2-3 years old, he fell and hobbled on it for about three or four days. Could it have happened then? If so, what are the effects of this?