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Harrington Rod


I still have a harrington rod in my back that is left over from scoliosis surgery from 1982. Just found out it is broken & I’m electing to have it removed. Just wanted to know what is involved in this surgery? Recovery time, cast or what?

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  1. i have scoliosis and have had the surgery my herrangton rods are stainless steel and i am sceduled for a mri tommorrow, im very nervous and wonder if i should refuse this test…all of the pros and cons would be appreciated….thanks

  2. I had scoliosis and wore a brace for 3 years. When that didn’t work, I had the Harrington rods inserted into my spine in October 1997. I have never had any problems with them. In November 2003, I was in a car accident, but saw my doctor and everything seemed fine. For the past 4 months I have been suffering from some back pain and fevers. No one seems to know what is the cause and I was wondering if someone could tell me if the fevers could be related somehow to the rods. Thank you.

  3. I, too, and trying to find out what my Harrington Rod is made of. It was inserted/fused in 1980 at the Hosspital for Special Surgery in NYC. And can I have an MRI done? Thank you for any input.

  4. can in any circumstances harrington rod be placed upside down as to support the spinal cord?Or it proves the negligence of the doctor operating upon?

  5. I had a spinal fusion in 1965 where Harrington rods were usded. I think they are stainless steel but I am not positive. Would an MRI be safe?Thank you

    • i also have harrington rods, inserted in 1983, i had an mri scan this year, it did effect the quality of the scan but it was clear enough for them to look at what they want. i was told that if i felt any heating up in my back to press the sensoredon to stop the scan but this did not happen.i hope this is useful to you.

  6. I had surgery with a fusion and a Harrington Rod in 1980. I just applied for a job in an MRI suite. I would need to stay with the patient during the scan. Can you tell me what the rods were made of in 1980?

  7. I had spinal fusion done in 1995 and I just found out that my rod is broken and apparently has been for 2 years and was not caught by previous Dr. Can anyone suggest a good lawyer?