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how can i become shorter or more fat?


hi, i am a female 20 years old, i want to be shorter than i am, i would like to lose 5 CM, how??? I am thin, so if i can’t lose some of my tallness i want to get weight to be poised.Sorry for my english it is not perfectThanksAnwar


  1. You want to be shorter? That is the most ridiculous question I have ever heard. and if you want to gain weight eat fat laddened fast food for every meal.

  2. Why would you want to be shorter? And 5 cm isn’t that much. To gain weight you could always try cheeseburgers, unless of course you want to do it the healthy way then hit the gym and bulk up with muscle rather than fat. Resistance training would help out with some protein shakes and all. Course I still like the cheeseburger idea… Now I’m hungry…