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Numbness in lower body


I started having a slight tingling and numbness in my lower body (from the waist down) about 3 weeks ago. It has since moved up to upper body and my hands. Could this be due to moving a large piece of furniture around that time?


  1. I am a 54 year old woman who resides in Florida.I have been experiencing numbness and tinglingsensaions during the night and sometimes inthe daytime…I feel it in my body and in myfeet as well.I lift weights about 2x a week and also enjoydancing with my husband….Otherwise, I workdaily as a saleslady and have no other achesand pains…Can you give me any advice about my symptoms???Thank you so much.

  2. I had symptoms of numbness in different parts of my body over the last year ….before i had a full blown numbness of the right side, diagnosed as a tia, but i wonder if it is really something else…equally as bad. The full blown numbness went away and now i have a slight numbness in several parts of my body again. Of course the greatest numbness was in my brain and back..after several days that subsided and now there is slight numbness there as well and i am strong and there were no other side effects. They ran ekg, cat scan, carotic arteris, chest x ray, heart monitor, cholesterol is great, blood pressure great, blood tests were also fine, they put me on heprin drip for 3 days and cumeden by mouth once a day. The family wants me to go to a nuerologist, but it will take the money i was planning on to supplement my S.Security…my life has gone from in control to a downward spin. The women i care provided for has let me go, so i am now unemployed and have aps in several places and now waiting and praying.