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subluxed cuboid


I have a hard time with the taping..
It doesn’t stay on very well.
Is there a strap or brace you can get that would simulate the tape?Also, is it a symptom of subluxed cuboid to have pain on top of the foot, kind of between the two ankle bones…when I walk this seems to tighten up and swell up? Is this the peroneal tendons?

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  1. I’m not 100% sure. You would be better off getting an expert examination and suggestions. Sometimes, I find the ASO ankle brace can be helpful. Sometimes if I can’t manipulate the footI might even refer the patient to a chiropractor.Good luck.

    • : Good luck.Hi,I tried the ASO brace…I just walked up and down the hall at the Dr.’s and found it put me up a little higher on that leg and also seemed to put more pressure on the bottom of the forefoot because the brace put me up higher on the heel. They say it is my 4th metatarsal that is hurting and the cuboid…does this make sense..Could it be the 4th metatarsal is dislocated and not the cuboid..The cuboid is sore to press on and also the 4th metatarsal on the bottom of my foot. To compound things, I think I also have bursitis around my baby toe and bunionetter…What can be done for that? My shoes are already a 4E and I’ve been told they are wide enough…Can orthotics fix this?ThanksJudi