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treatment for thoracic levo dextro scoliosis


is there any treatment i can have to prevent this to become severe, i was diagnosed with 2degreeof curvature.. and i want to prevent it the soonest..thanks!!for any help…

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  1. Please mail me asap if you have any news about it. Does it affect pregnancy? does it ruin your life? How to take care of it? I mean how to prevent it in becoming worse?

  2. hi,i am a 27 yr old lass and just recently found out when i went through an xray check up that i have a dextro scoliosis 10 degree. I suffered mild pain in my neck and back a year ago, but didn’t undergo x ray with it. Is it hereditary and curable? Should i undergo surgery operation? Im scared. What should i do to prevent this to severe? Thanks a lot!