achilles tendonitis

HiI have achilles tendonitis on my right foot, duration of about 5 weeks, treated with vioxx, and full walking boot. my job requires me to be on my feet for at least 9 hours/ day. (cafeteria cashier/ food handler) I am still unable to walk without the boot on. several questions.1. my orthopedic surgeon wants to do a steroid injection into the bursa in my heel and everything that I am reading says whatever you do never get an injection anywhere near the achilles tendon because it can make achilles tendon rupture more likely. what is your opinion, reasoning ?2. What is my likely prognosis, how long will I have to wear the boot?3. am I doing more damage by working on my feet, should I just take the time off from work and get better or will it take about the same time to hear whether I am on my feet (with boot on) or staying at home doing nothing (off feet). my doctor believes that the tendonitis is probably related to my job since I recently drastically increased my hours at work but did not make any other lifestyle changes.
anymore advice, suggestions?
thank you Heidi A

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